Dakika Employee Management Platform

Your HR Operations Digitized Lightened Eased Integrated Self Serviced

Get results in Turkish payroll, leave, and incentive management, with extensive solutions.

Enjoy dozens of high-tech features such as self-service and quick reporting.

Just like 500+ companies and 10000+ employees, using Dakika.


Manage payroll and HR operations, easily.

Transfer your data to Dakika and even integrate it into your existing systems if you wish, then simply let all data to be processed by itself.

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Payroll Calculation

Tracks the changes in payroll parameters and then updates when necessary.

Personnel Management

Records all the information of all the employees, and keeps accessible when needed.

Leave Management

Governs leave requests and approvals, and create needed reports automatically.

Overtime Management

Handles overtime approvals, estimates hours, and prepares the timetable

SSI Incentives

Çalışanları teşviklerden faydalandırsın. Hesapları yapıp, raporları hazırlasın.

Training Management

Keeps track of trainings and employees attended. Reports when needed

Top-notch technology, to enjoy.

Always-accurate calculations, securely stored data, low usage costs, excellent integration capabilities, ready-made legal reports, exceptional user support... All for you.

"Datassist's Very Own Platform"

It has been developed with the experience of Datassist, the leader of the sector, and the R&D support of TÜBİTAK and TTGV.

Pay As You Go with SaaS

There are no costs such as installation, maintenance, updates, etc. You use it with simple monthly payments.

High Security

With BCP and DRPs, your data is always private and secure. With ISO27001 and ISAE3402 standards.

Self Servis HR

Employees do many things themselves with Dakika. You reduce bureaucratic processes

Built-In Integrations

Instant data flow with mainstream ERP and PDKS such as Logo, Oracle, SAP, WorkDay.

Custom Integrations

Thanks to our expert software team, we can handle large and complex integrations as well.

Quick Reports

Many commonly used reports come ready in Dakika. You can access whenever you want.

Flexible / Custom Reports

You can easily create, design and save new reports, within a few clicks.

User Support

Help documents as well as our online Support Team are always available to you.

Anytime, everywhere!

You can also access Dakika from your smartphone or tablet.
Download Minute Mobil for free from AppStore, GooglePlay or AppGallery.

Self Service HR

Employees can also do all basic HR operations from mobile. Make transactions even faster

Anywhere Access

Employees can use whatever device they want, whenever they want. Make access easier.

What did they say?

Hundreds of companies,

thousands of employees.

We process more than 1 million transactions every year.

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Active Client
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No installation, license, or update fees.
Pay as you go.
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